LINC is an association of churches and ministries that have joined together to relate, grow and expand. As a relational-based network, we build strong relationships while encouraging, equipping, and engaging pastors and leaders for success. 


LINC was birthed out of Resurrection Life Church, a vibrant, full-gospel church pastored by Duane Vander Klok in Grandville, Michigan. In the late 1980’s, visionary leaders from Resurrection Life Church began to branch out and plant churches in other parts of Michigan. The need to relate and grow together as leaders and churches inspired the birth of LINC in 1993. Throughout the years, other churches, both regionally and beyond, have joined LINC with this common desire. To date, the LINC church association has grown into an influential association of churches and organizations that come together to build relationships and grow for impact in this generation.


Build an expanding community of life-giving related churches.


Intentionally relate together to encourage, equip, and engage people to become strong, healthy pastors and leaders.


Create relational environments in which pastors and leaders are encouraged, equipped, and engaged in such vital areas as personal character, leadership skills, and healthy church structure.  The end goal of all environments is to build strong leaders and healthy churches that will reproduce to advance the Kingdom of God. 


Strong Leaders. Strong Churches.


This is a community that will help you be better at what God has called YOU to do.  We bring value to your churches by linking like-minded leaders together in relationship and providing training from top-tier leadership communicators.

LINC is committed to our partners by encouraging, equipping, and engaging them for success.  Additionally, we will connect them to other church support organizations who are uniquely designed and positioned to help in areas that LINC does not specialize.



The North Star of our association is a passionate commitment to Jesus Christ and fulfilling His commission. This passion is reflected in the core values that we share:

Honoring the Word of God as inspired and relevant for today, which is the foundation for building God's Kingdom through strong and healthy churches.

Growing Authentic Relationships as an essential ingredient for growth, health and longevity in ministry and life.

Developing Leadership in a local church context that enables us to grow great leaders who, in turn, will plant and grow great churches.

Building Unity among our churches and leadership to create an atmosphere in which God’s blessing is present.

Partnering with other associations and movements with whom we share a common vision to create synergy for expansion and growth of the church.