RLCI is an association of churches and ministries that have joined together to relate, grow and expand. As a relational-based network, we best accomplish this through building strong relationships, equipping pastors and leaders, and providing hands-on guidance for their churches.



The North Star of our association is a passionate commitment to Jesus Christ and fulfilling His commission. This passion is reflected in the core values that we share:

Honoring the Word of God as inspired and relevant for today, which is the foundation for building God's Kingdom through strong and healthy churches.

Growing Authentic Relationships as an essential ingredient for growth, health and longevity in ministry and life.

Developing Leadership in a local church context that enables us to grow great leaders who, in turn, will plant and grow great churches.

Building Unity among our churches and leadership to create an atmosphere in which God’s blessing is present.

Partnering with other associations and movements with whom we share a common vision to create synergy for expansion and growth of the church.